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History Of Earth


Earth is third planet out of eight planets in Solar system. Estimated its(the age reaching 4,6 billion years. Interval of Earth with the sun is 1496 million kilometre or 1 GOLD ( ing: astronomical unit). Earth has air layer ( atmosphere) and magnetic field so-called ( magnetosphere) covert of surface of Bumi from the sun wind, ultraviolet [light/ray], and radiation from outside space. This air layer blankets finite earth of height around 700 kilometre. This air layer divided to become Troposfer, Stratosfer, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Eksosfer.

Ozone layer, as high as 50 kilometre, resides in stratosphere layer and mesosphere and protects earth from ultraviolet [light/ray]. Surface temperature difference of earth is between - finite 70°C of 55°C bases on local climate. One day in divided to to become 24 hours and one year in earth equal to 365,2425 days. Earth has mass as heavy 59760 billion tons, broadly surface of 510 million kilometre square. Earth Specific Gravity ( around 5500 kilograms per meter cubic) applied as comparison unit of other planet specific gravity, type weighing Bumi targeted as 1.

Earth has diameter along the length of 12756 kilometre. Gravitation of Earth measured as 10 Nitrogens kg-1 is made [by] gravitation measure unit of other planet, with gravitation Bumi targeted as 1. Earth has 1 natural satellite that is Bulan. 70,8% surface of earth is covered [by] water. Earth Air consisted of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% aqueous vapour, karbondioksida, and other gas.

Earth is estimated lapped over to core in earth consisted of by congelation nickel iron as thick 1370 kilometre with temperature 4500°C, blanketed also by core outside having the character of liquid as thick 2100 kilometre, then is blanketed also by silica cape as thick 2800 kilometre forms 83% contents of earth, and finally once blanketed by crust as thick approximately 85 kilometre.

Flimsier crust in sea floor that is around 5 kilometre. Crust divided to some parts and peripatetic passed tectonic movement of plate ( the theory Continental Drift) what yields earthquake.

Highest point on the surface of earth is mount Everest as high as 8848 metre, and inmost point is manger Mariana in Pacific ocean with depth of 10924 metre. Inmost lake is Danau Baikal with depth of 1637 metre, while the biggest lake is Kaspia Sea broadly 394299 km2.

[ edit] Earth layer

According to composition ( type from material) - his(its, divisible earth become layers as follows :

* Crust

* Earth Cape

* Earth Core

While according to mechanical property ( nature of from material) - his(its, divisible earth become layers as follows :

* Litosfir

* Astenosfir

* Mesosfir

* Exterior earth Core

* Inner earth Core

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Twin Cock


Chicken ( Gallus gallus domesticus) be looking after poultry. This type chicken bred though some other specieses is wild type ( called as partridge). Cross bred between chicken types has yielded hundreds of species like crosscut chicken and chicken petelur. Is go to megazines road to twin cock four or one campaing let's go lunar is kill of kill you is between.

With population more than 24 Billion in the year 2003, according " Bird Encyclopaedia Firefly" there is more chickens in this world than other bird. They provide 2 need of man food : Chicken Flesh and Egg kill you one
win chicken is odd thing but I am abdurrachman che wijaya its the will in this case I also investigates many magazines simply of course berdarkan survey the year 2008

tops brand index ( TBI) in market in confessing siswanto increase of the price of twin chicken as component of family fundamental enough sensitive in consumer marrow. Increase of the price of chicken twin in the year 2007 hardly nonplus and makes kosumen increasingly sensitive price.

" Learning from past, we cope maintains even increases perceived value in the year two thousands lapan is Suatu chicken variety is a race or family from chicken having common equality in the case of measure, form or profile, and born. All chickens in one varieties will have the same characteristic that is: skin colour, This variety hereinafter is divided into some classes. Chicken class which have been many conducting in general called related to by its the provenance, for example American, Asiatic, English, Mediteranian, and the like.

To start small-scale business in poultry area, there is three variety types which able to be selected based on purpose of its(the keeping, be: chicken petelur, broiler or cut chicken, and double-duty chicken for both the intentions.
Chicken petelur - This chicken its(the body is smaller relative. Produce of its(the egg between 250 to 280 item per year. Egg firstly yielded at the time of age 5 month and would continuously yield egg until its(the age reaching 10 - 12 years. Generally, produce of best egg will be obtained in chicken first year to start laying eggs. Produce of egg in the next years tended to would continuously decline.
There is two choices for this petelur chicken differentiated from its(the egg colour, be Telur is having colour is white

Chicken petelur with egg is having colour is white ness is best is from Jenis race Leghorn. But this chicken liked flying and very whoop it up. Other race type yielding egg white between it is Minorcas. Anconas, and California White.
Red Leghorn Pearl White Leghorn
Tan egg

While chicken peterlur with best tan egg is from Jenis race Production Red. This hibrida chicken is result of crossed marriage from chicken petelur Rhode Islands Red and New Hampshire. While race chicken Rhode Islands Red and New Hampshire x'self has pertained as chicken petelur which is good in yielding tan egg.

Barred Rock Black Australorp Production Red Gold Star
Black Sex Link White Rock Buff Orpington Silver Laced Wyandotte
Broiler - Cross chicken Cornish Rock is best pertained broiler at the moment. This chicken is result of cross from Cornish and Plymouth Rock. Other broiler which pertained either is from race type Brahmas, Cochins, and Cornish. Good broiler is chicken consuming two feed kilograms to yield one its(the body weight kilograms. Hen in general djual to market at the time of wt. reachs between one three per four kgs until two and a half kg while cock between three kgs to four kgs. Chicken faster its(the growth hence increasingly economic unuk is looked agg.

Red Broiler Black Broiler
Double-duty chicken - Chicken at this type is mixture between chickens petelur and broiler. Dominiques, Plymouth Rocks, Sussex, Orpington, and Wynadottes is some chicken races from double-duty chicken. Kampong chicken in state we are be including at type iniTelur this tan type chicken and they enlarge x'self its(the children. In general they mengasilkan body weight don't as soon as broiler as well as doesn't yield egg counted chicken petelur. This chicken individuality as chicken looked after in house backyard. Breeder will obtain chicken's egg to consume is everyday is beside once in a while obtains cock flesh from excess of amount required and stripper chickens flesh which had not productive again.
Other consideration in choosing chicken variety type is local wheater condition in place of breeding stays.

Furry chicken of thick would more compatibly is looked after place having weather cooler from at thin furry chicken. Orpingtons, Brahmas, Cochins. Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and Wyandottes is furry chickens of thick meaning is compatible at cold weather. Leghorn, Minorca, Andalusian, Hamburgs and other Mediterranean chicken would be better looked after at places having weather warmer.

To be more sharpness in determining variety fitting in with local weather in place of you, better be consulted at local Dinas Peternakan Ayam or chicken livestock company closest.
Further, better be accustomed buys chick with quality according to requirement. If chick bought from poultry company, asks is all is vaccination to disease Marek. This vaccination better be done soon after chick is dientaskan that along the length of its(the life prevented from disease attack Marek a real deadly. For broiler or broiler, that be cheaper in price, select;chooses chick which has not been selected its(the sex ( straight-run).

Shall be seen that when choosing this chicken variety if there is compatible didn't formerly directly is bought. Assumes just of you stays in step in pursuance of survey, non is buying. Purchasing of chick better be done if all preparations for arrival of chick has been done, because if have not made ready hence death risk of new chick is bought the would very height. Expert of The matter odd chemistry and Biology for twin chicken.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke in Part IIUltimately, Sasuke decides to abandon Konoha in order to seek out Orochimaru and gain power. Naruto, sent to stop Sasuke from escaping the country, eventually catches up with him and pleads for him to return. Sasuke, believing Naruto to be his closest friend, decides instead to use the last bit of advice Itachi ever gave him: in order to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan, the highest power of the Uchiha clan, one's best friend must be killed. No longer valuing his teammates over his own self-betterment, Sasuke tries to kill Naruto and meets him in battle. Naruto, unwilling to let Sasuke go, fights with equal earnest, now willing to break Sasuke's body to bring him home. As the battle concludes, Sasuke attacks Naruto with his Chidori while Naruto uses his Rasengan. Rather than connect with the attack, Naruto scratches Sasuke's headband (in reference to Sasuke's claim that he couldn't scratch his forehead). As Naruto lies unconscious, Sasuke considers killing him, though upon realizing that that is what Itachi would want, decides to spare Naruto to find power in his own way. He goes to Orochimaru, ready to do whatever is necessary to gain the power he desires.In Part II, Sasuke sees little change from his personality and mindset at the end of Part I, still craving power above all else. His lust for strength is such that, during his reunion with Naruto and Sakura, he claims to be willing to give his body to Orochimaru if it means killing Itachi. Sasuke has at least changed to a point that he no longer cares for his former teammates' well-beings, being more than willing to kill them since neither is of any use to him. His relationship with Orochimaru shows a similar lack of loyalty, as during their time together he applies no honorifics to Orochimaru's name, is somewhat rude to him, and does not express his allegiance with Otogakure by wearing a Sound headband. Of the loyalties Sasuke has, the only one he displays is that of the Uchiha clan, the symbol of which he wears on his back collar. Despite this lack of allegiances to those close to him, Sasuke seems to be unable to bring himself to needlessly harm those he has never met before, and makes it a point to prevent their deaths when possible.
While not on the same level as Itachi in terms of talent, Sasuke is established as a natural genius at the series' start, excelling at all that he does and finding little difficulty in more challenging tasks. This is most immediately evident through his proficiency with the Uchiha clan's fire-based techniques, as well as a number of other weapon-dependent attacks. Of the abilities the Uchiha bloodline has allowed him, Sasuke has found most frequent use in the Sharingan, which first develops during Team 7's mission in the Land of Waves and eventually reaches completion during his battle with Naruto at the end of Part I. While his ability with the Sharingan is fairly ordinary during the first half of the series, Sasuke is able to develop a number of more novel uses for it in Part II. During his encounter with Naruto, Sasuke is able to use his Sharingan to enter Naruto's subconscious where he proceeds to suppress the demon fox residing within Naruto. In this instance, the demon fox compares Sasuke's eyes and chakra to that of Madara Uchiha, which it claims is even more sinister than its own. When Orochimaru later tries to take over his body, Sasuke is able to use his Sharingan to fight the process and turn it against Orochimaru. His Sharingan-based genjutsu abilities have also increased over the timeskip, allowing him to easily hypnotize opponents.Sasuke is able to put the Sharingan to good use in Part I after his brief encounter with Rock Lee. Although their fight is ended soon after its start and Sasuke is unable to see much of Lee's arsenal, what he is able to copy with his Sharingan is utilized for the duration of the Chunin Exams. His newfound taijutsu abilities are first seen in the form of Peregrine Falcon Drop (ハヤブサ落とし, Hayabusa Otoshi?), which consists of wrapping himself around an airborne opponent to ensure they are unable to save themselves upon impact with the ground. A derivative of this jutsu is seen again as the Lion Combo (獅子連弾, Shishi Rendan?, English TV "Lion's Barrage", Ultamate Ninja "Barrage of Lions"), and after kicking an opponent into the air Sasuke delivers a series of blows to them, eventually culminating in a debilitating kick to the chest.Sasuke in cursed seal level 2 formOrochimaru's influence has also added a number of abilities to Sasuke's arsenal, as first seen with his cursed seal. After recovering from the initial application of the seal, Sasuke finds himself endowed with increased speed and strength, as well as less merciful tendencies when the seal is active. In addition, when his chakra reserves are low, Sasuke can use the seal to momentarily give him a boost of chakra. Wanting more of this power, Sasuke abandons Konoha to seek out Orochimaru and forcefully advances his cursed seal to level 2. While in the level 2 form, Sasuke is able to compete with a demon fox-fueled Naruto, and is even given a brief ability to fly when using the wings that grow from his back. In Part II, Sasuke is even able to advance only parts of his body to their second level state, and the curse seal itself becomes less tiring for him to use. In addition to the cursed seal, he gains the snake summoning contract, which is located on his left arm. With it, Sasuke can summon giant snakes to use as shields and to aid him in battle or call forth smaller snakes from his sleeves to immobilize targets. After absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke is able to heal at a faster rate, an attribute allowed to him by one of the modifications made to Orochimaru's body.To encourage Sasuke not to use the cursed seal, Kakashi teaches him how to use the Chidori, made more effective when combined with his Sharingan and the speed he has copied from Rock Lee. With this combination Sasuke can punch through the strongest obstacles with relative ease, as well as severely damage any opponent. In Part I Sasuke is limited to using the attack only twice a day, with a third usage after the initial activation of his cursed seal. Once drawing upon more of the cursed seal's power however, Sasuke is able to use the ability much more frequently. Over the timeskip, Sasuke puts great deals of development into the Chidori's ability to manipulate lightning-based chakra. When first seen in Part II he is able to use Chidori Current (千鳥流し, Chidori Nagashi?, lit. One Thousand Birds Current) to emit electricity from all over his body as a shield that stuns those it comes into contact with. If need be, Sasuke can channel this force into his new chokuto, increasing the damage the blade does to opponents. He can even concentrate this chakra into highly condensed needle-like forms, which he can throw in volleys with pinpoint accuracy. Sasuke has also taken to using form manipulation on the Chidori itself to create an extendable blade form, although he is only able to extend it to 5 meters in length. This blade is also capable of splitting into multiple additional blades upon contact with an enemy, drastically increasing the number of wounds it can inflict.
Plot overview
Sasuke and his quest to kill Itachi are recurring themes in the overall plot, and as such much of the story is built upon and shaped by his actions that will make this task easier. After first meeting Orochimaru, Sasuke attempts to continue to get stronger while in Konoha, though he believes that he is slow in accomplishing this task in comparison to his peers. When Itachi arrives in Konoha to kidnap Naruto, Sasuke tries to use what he has learned to kill his brother, though Itachi is able to defeat him with little effort and taunts his inability to get stronger. This, coupled with Naruto's rapid increase in strength (further enhanced by his learning the Rasengan, a jutsu stronger than the Chidori), convinces Sasuke to abandon Konoha and seek out Orochimaru as a way to get stronger. While Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, and Choji mobilize to stop Sasuke, he is still able to escape after narrowly defeating Naruto. Because of this, many of the people he leaves behind in Konoha resolve to bring him back, creating a number of future attempts to accomplish this task.In Part II, one such effort proves successful in at least finding Sasuke, though Sasuke's rapid increase in strength allows him to quickly defeat Naruto, Sakura, and the newer members of Team 7. While he attempts to kill his former comrades, Sasuke is persuaded to spare them in case they can defeat more members of Akatsuki, an organization which Itachi belongs to, and therefore make him easier to kill. Soon afterwards Sasuke turns against Orochimaru, feeling that he can learn nothing else from him and that Orochimaru is unworthy of having his body. Although Orochimaru attempts to take his body by force, Sasuke is able to turn the process against him, later reporting to have simply retained control of his body. With Orochimaru gone, Sasuke recruits Suigetsu Hozuki, Karin, and Jugo, former subordinates and experimental subjects of Orochimaru, to help him in finding and ultimately killing Itachi. Naming their group "Snake", they set out to find Itachi. Sasuke eventually finds Itachi, and Sasuke displays how much stronger he has gotten. Itachi agrees to have their final battle elsewhere. Sasuke takes Snake with him to the meeting place, though leaves them behind once he reaches his destination. Sasuke and Itachi meet again, and Sasuke prepares to kill his brother at long last.

History Of Sriwijaya FC

[by] Pesta Olahraga Terbesar level of Nasional ( POUND XVI), simply has given separate inspiration to Syarial Oesman Gubernur Sumatera Selatan to be able to also proves that in national football stage also South Sumatra menunjukan can " Eye-Tooth Rimau" his(its.
After through process that is long enough and tires, finally on 23 oktober 2004 reached word to mutually agree to henceforth is done signing of note kesepahaman ( Mo U) between M. Zein as owner of Persijatim which in Take Over by the Government Provinsi Sumatera Selatan represented by direct by Syarial Oesman as Gubernur Sumatera Selatan, for selanjutya Persijatim becomes Sriwijaya Football Club ( SFC)KODE ETIK SRIWIJAYA FC
Say No!!
Doping & Narkoba
Say Yes
Fair Play
Arranges Regulation
Logo Sriwijaya FC & Mean Symbol is in the form of circle writes down South Sumatra To Coalesce Firmness which is Sasanti Sumatera Selatan has meaning that Sriwijaya FC earns in using as one of supporting facilities for to realize circular unity from all public Provinsi Sumatera Selatan.
Supporter Component
1Stadion Billow Sriwijaya
Base Home Sriwijaya FC is Stadion Gelora Sriwijaya Jakabaring is having capacities 40000 audiences is is Stadion pride of South Sumatra public, which merpakan Stadion is luxury ke2 in Indonesia after Gelora Bung Karno. Billow Stadium Sriwijaya have also been confessed as one of having level best stadium Internasional.
This stadium having address in Jl. Gubernur HA Bastari Jakabaring Palembang
2Mess Nation
Mess Pemerintah Provinsi Sumatera Selatan managed by dharma Wanita Pemprov Sumsel made as Mess of the players da staff coach, so that at least can depress requirement budget team. this Mess stays down town that is Jl. Ba Salim Batubara Sekip Pangkal, but remain to generates impression of Asri so that separate comfort of badi Squad Team.
3Sekertarian SFC
As Well established eleventh having ambition to be one of eleventh which not merely respected opponent, has appropriately if(when Sriwijaya FC has Sekertariat which representatif and easy to be reached, that is in Kompleks Palembang Square Jl Angkatan 45 / Campus POM IX NO R 130 Telp / Fax : ( 0711) 380130, 316816. this Sekertariat is building Ruko 3 storey. Floor 1 applied for Etalase and center sale of Merchandise about Sriwijaya FC. Floor 2 becomes center activity Manajemen, and floor 3 applied as place of pertemuan/Ruang Rapat. ( source of sriwijaya-fccom)

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Sejarah Ben 10 Bahasa Inggris

The main focus of the series is the Omnitrix, a watch-like alien device found by Ben in the first episode. Using it, Ben can transform into a number of different aliens, which he uses to battle the various villains in the series. As explained in the show, the Omnitrix works by binding alien DNA to Ben's, transforming him into the alien of his choice for ten minutes and then reverting him back to normal. As revealed in Ben 10: Race Against Time, the time limit is a failsafe designed to keep the alien DNA from overwhelming the user.

To prevent the obvious problem of someone simply stealing the Omnitrix from Ben, the Omnitrix is depicted as quite difficult to remove, being more or less integrated into Ben's skin. Furthermore, when anyone tries, it emits an omni-directional energy burst to discourage such attempts. When people have actually removed the device, it seems to take them a very long time or complicated machinery to accomplish the task. Despite its mechanical appearance, the way it works makes it seem more organic in nature, even possessing a mind of its own. The Omnitrix also adapts for the gender of the user and any illnesses the current user may be afflicted with also spread to all of the aliens as well. It appears to grow along with the user, as Ben 10,000's Omnitrix is at least three times the size of the ten-year-old Ben's, and the aliens age along with the user as well.

As a running gag, as well as an occasional plot point, the Omnitrix tends to work in ways contrary to Ben's wishes. This is because Azmuth created it to do so as a security precaution. It will transform him into the wrong alien, shut down at inopportune moments, or simply not activate at all, actually resisting Ben's attempts to push the face back down. This has yet to occur in Ben 10: Alien Force, except on one occasion, meaning Ben Tennyson has, to some extent, mastered the functions of the Omnitrix, though not as entirely like his future self in the episode "Ben 10,000". Various episodes in the original series show that at least part of this behavior is Ben's unfamiliarity with the device, and several episodes showcase people (or aliens) whose knowledge of the device allows them to operate it with much greater ease than Ben. When used to its full potential, the Omnitrix is shown to allow the user to become any alien by merely thinking about it, stay in alien form indefinitely, and even switch from one alien form straight to another at will, commonly referred to as the Omnitrix's "Master Control" function.

The Omnitrix's origins are explored in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. Its creator, Azmuth, explains that he built it to provide the various species of the universe a better understanding of each other—the proverbial 'walk-a-mile-in-another's-shoes'. To that end, the Omnitrix absorbs and integrates the DNA of aliens for use by the one wearing it. Because of the combat potential in some of the aliens, particularly those Ben commonly transforms into, it came to be seen as a weapon by Vilgax and others. Afraid that it would be used for the wrong purposes, Azmuth installed a self-destruct feature into the Omnitrix, which served as the central plot point in Secret of the Omnitrix.

At some point in the years between the original series and Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben managed to remove the Omnitrix by an unknown but difficult process. When Ben puts it back on, the Omnitrix reconfigures into a more watch-like shape, giving Ben access to a new set of alien forms and a holographic alien display, rather than merely presenting the silhouettes of the aliens. Also, Ben has lost his previous alien transformations; this is noted in "Ben 10 Returns", when he first uses the new Omnitrix and states that he doesn't recognize anyone in his selection, in "Everybody Talks About the Weather", when he told Alan Albright that he used to turn into Heatblast, and in "Pier Pressure" when he saw a Galvanic Mechomorph and told Julie that he used to be able to turn into Upgrade. Ben himself also retains any injuries suffered by his alien forms, although this has not been shown to be any real problem as of yet. Also, Ben is able to transform multiple times in succession, but it will eventually shut down to recharge. In addition, the Omnitrix has the ability to repair genetic damage, such as that caused by DNAlien mutation. It uses a previously unseen speech function to inform Ben of this feature

A life-sized statue of Ben at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego, California.

Two Ben 10 movies have been released at different times during 2007 & 2008. The first is a regular animated feature called Secret of the Omnitrix, in which the Omnitrix is accidentally set to self-destruct and Ben must track down its creator to stop it. A trailer of the movie was released with the movie Billy & Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen, and it aired August 10, 2007. Michael Ouweleen described the film's villain, which was actually Vilgax, as "like Darth Vader without the sense of humor."[2] A different version of Secrets of the Omnitrix, which introduced a different alien (Eye Guy) to the one in the original (Heatblast), aired on September 1, 2007. A third version (in which XLR8 was featured) aired on October 20, 2007. It was stated during the premiere of Alien Force that Secret of the Omnitrix was intended to be the finale of Ben 10, even though it was broadcast long before the last episode.

The second is a live-action film titled Ben 10: Race Against Time[3] which aired November 21, 2007. The plot presumeably takes place before Goodbye and Good Riddance, it revolves around Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max returning to their hometown of Bellwood and attempting to adjust to being 'normal' again. Unfortunately, their lives are once again disrupted by a mysterious alien known as Eon, who has an unexpected connection to the Omnitrix. It premiered on Cartoon Network on November 21, 2007. The film was directed by Alex Winter.[4] Winter stated at the 2007 upfront presentation that he wanted "this thing to look like X-Men," an epic adventure that will be "more cinematic than cartoony" and appeal to all ages. Production on the film finished in October[2] and premiered November 21, 2007.

Cartoon Network announced at their 2008 upfront that they are currently developing a sequel to Ben 10: Race Against Time.[5]