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History Of Earth


Earth is third planet out of eight planets in Solar system. Estimated its(the age reaching 4,6 billion years. Interval of Earth with the sun is 1496 million kilometre or 1 GOLD ( ing: astronomical unit). Earth has air layer ( atmosphere) and magnetic field so-called ( magnetosphere) covert of surface of Bumi from the sun wind, ultraviolet [light/ray], and radiation from outside space. This air layer blankets finite earth of height around 700 kilometre. This air layer divided to become Troposfer, Stratosfer, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Eksosfer.

Ozone layer, as high as 50 kilometre, resides in stratosphere layer and mesosphere and protects earth from ultraviolet [light/ray]. Surface temperature difference of earth is between - finite 70°C of 55°C bases on local climate. One day in divided to to become 24 hours and one year in earth equal to 365,2425 days. Earth has mass as heavy 59760 billion tons, broadly surface of 510 million kilometre square. Earth Specific Gravity ( around 5500 kilograms per meter cubic) applied as comparison unit of other planet specific gravity, type weighing Bumi targeted as 1.

Earth has diameter along the length of 12756 kilometre. Gravitation of Earth measured as 10 Nitrogens kg-1 is made [by] gravitation measure unit of other planet, with gravitation Bumi targeted as 1. Earth has 1 natural satellite that is Bulan. 70,8% surface of earth is covered [by] water. Earth Air consisted of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% aqueous vapour, karbondioksida, and other gas.

Earth is estimated lapped over to core in earth consisted of by congelation nickel iron as thick 1370 kilometre with temperature 4500°C, blanketed also by core outside having the character of liquid as thick 2100 kilometre, then is blanketed also by silica cape as thick 2800 kilometre forms 83% contents of earth, and finally once blanketed by crust as thick approximately 85 kilometre.

Flimsier crust in sea floor that is around 5 kilometre. Crust divided to some parts and peripatetic passed tectonic movement of plate ( the theory Continental Drift) what yields earthquake.

Highest point on the surface of earth is mount Everest as high as 8848 metre, and inmost point is manger Mariana in Pacific ocean with depth of 10924 metre. Inmost lake is Danau Baikal with depth of 1637 metre, while the biggest lake is Kaspia Sea broadly 394299 km2.

[ edit] Earth layer

According to composition ( type from material) - his(its, divisible earth become layers as follows :

* Crust

* Earth Cape

* Earth Core

While according to mechanical property ( nature of from material) - his(its, divisible earth become layers as follows :

* Litosfir

* Astenosfir

* Mesosfir

* Exterior earth Core

* Inner earth Core

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